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Nina Czegledy

(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

An independent media artist, curator and writer, Nina Czegledy divides her time between Canada and Europe. Czegledy is of Hungarian origin and spends a great deal of time in Budapest and within Eastern Europe facilitating exchange between media art organizations and artists in Canada and throughout the rest of Europe. Originally a broadcast documentary filmmaker, Czegledy has also worked in digital video and installation art. She has produced three notable single and multi-channel works titled Within Sight - Within Interpretation (1993), Logodi Street English (1995) and Tryptich 1 (1996-1997). This last work has won several awards and prizes including the Golden Sphinx Prize at Videomedija (Novi Sad, Yugoslavia) in 1998. Czegledy has also produced several interactive installations including Y2K Monsters (1999) and Tryptich (in progress).

Over the last 10 years, Czegledy has curated and programmed more than 20 international media art and video programs and touring exhibitions presented in over 28 countries, including Ostranenie (Bauhaus in Dessau, Germany) and Performance Bytes, the Canada-wide telecommunication project. Recent curatorial projects include Aurora  (1) (1998), Choice (1999), Gisèle Trudel (1999) et Touch: Touché  (2) (1999) featuring the work of Daniel Joliffe and Thecla Schiphorst.

Czegledy has published widely in exhibition catalogues and art journals, including Fuse, and lectured in Caiias do Sul, Minsk (Belarus) and throughout Eastern Europe. Czegledy has taught Crossing Over workshops in Sofia, Bulgaria and Novi Sad, Yugoslavia. She sits on the board of several media art organizations across Canada and internationally, including the Interaccess Electronic Media Arts Centre, C3 (Budapest, Hongary) and the Images Festival (Toronto, Canada).

Czegledy's latest project is titled Digitized Bodies - Virtual Spectacles.

Angela Plohman © 2000 FDL

(1) Aurora: An Exhibition of Installations (Toronto: InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre, 1997).

(2) Touch: Touché: An Exhibition of Interactive Works (Regina: MacKenzie Art Gallery, 1999).