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Mauricio Bejarano (Colombie)

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Mauricio Bejarano (born in Bogota, 1955) is Associate Professor at the Conservatory of Music, National University of Colombia, where he teaches Music Creation, Acousmatic Music and Soundscape.

He has been exploring different creative fields including graphic arts, painting, poetry, sculpture, as well as acousmatic music.

He has created radiophonic artworks, sound installations and electroacoustic music. Among other works Bejarano composed: "Aparato I" for tape in 1990; "Cage", with Ricardo Arias, Roberto García and Juan Reyes, a three hours long radiophonic work realized at UN Radio (Universidad Nacional - National University) in Bogota, Colombia, in 1992; "Música y Espacio", radiophonic work, in 1992, boadcasted by Emisora Javeriana; "Negro Liminar", and octophonic interactive work premiered at Planetarium of Bogota, and "Jagua(r)" for tape, both in 1995; "Aguas Urbanas, Aguas Faunas" for multitrack and interactive system, and "Tierra de Navegación" both in 1996; "Esquisios" ("Sketches"), realized at GRM in Paris working with the Syter system and in his private studio in Bogotá, bewteen 1994 and 1998; "D'agua", also realized at GRM with the Syter, "Paisajes mínimos", "Clepsidra #1", "Clepsidra #2", all four pieces in 1997; "Sín título No.1", "Faúnica", "Primer palimpsesto", "Phonocamptica prima" and "Cuatro postales de Bogotá" (1."Interior"; 2."Reloj"; 3."Pasaje"; 4."Estación") all five pieces in 1998.

Bejarano also wrote several articles and essays bout electroacoustic music. Some of the are: "Acusmática, un arte de laboratorio", Ciencia y Tecnología, Colciencias, Bogota, 1996; "Música Concreta, el arte de los sonidos fijados, 1948-1998", on A Contratiempo #10, journal of the Ministry of Culture, Bogota, 1998; "Paisajes sonoros, Tarjetas postales y mermeladas", published on the book " La imagen de la ciudad en las artes y en los medios", Universidad Nacional, Bogotá, 2000.

Together with Roberto García and Juan Reyes, Bejarano produced the "33 años de Música Electroacústica Colombiana" CD, a research work including historical pieces by González Zuleta, Atehortua, Feferbaum and Jaqueline Nova, together with compositions with the new generation of composers.

An active promoter of electroacoustic music, he organized many concert series and events as: "Anagrama" in 1993 and 1995; "La Primera Oreja" in 1997; and "La 3ra. Oreja" in 1998 and 1999.

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