Musique électroacoustique latino-américaine

Pablo Sotuyo (Uruguay)

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Pablo Sotuyo (born in Montevideo, 1963) composed among other pieces: "Sonorización" for live digital synthesizer (Yamaha DX7) in 1989; "El Canto del Caracol", electroacoustic ballet, in 1991; "MIDI Buffer Full No.1" for two MIDI pianos and computer, and "Aleph" for computer, both in 1996; "Estudio sobre Physical Modelling" for computer (working with Csound), and "Bereshit 1.1" for electronic medias, both in 1997; "Bereshit 1.2" for electronic medias in 1998; "Bereshit 1.3" for electronic medias in 1999; "Quem é você?" and "Marinas", both for electronic medias; and "Meditações de Thessalus" for oboe and electronic medias, all three works in 2000; "Ambienta2001" for electronic medias, "O Homem das Massas" for chorus and electronic medias, "Dominica in Palmis" for organ and electronic medias, and "Feria Secunda Majoris Hebdomadae" for tenor, guitar, glockenspiel and electronic medias, all four pieces in 2001; "Dominica Resurrectionis" for voices, guitar, organ, small orchestra and electronic medias in 2002.

Sotuyo lives at present in Brazil.

(text updated: October, 2003)

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