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Collection of Documents Published by E.A.T.

Projects Outside Art (1969-1972)

Projects Outside Art Press Release, 1969
In 1969, E.A.T. launched a call for projects to coordinate a series of para-artistic activities around such public concerns as the human and natural environment, education, the distribution of food, and the democratization of leisure. Four projects were chosen and completed by teams of engineers, artists and scientists: Children and Communication, City Agriculture, Esthetic Symposium and Recreation and Play. These activities resulted in didactic exhibitions presented at the Automation House (New York) in 1971.

As of 1972, the heading Projects Outside Art encompassed all para-artistic projects organized by E.A.T. The programs for developing countries, for example, fell within this category. This thematic subdivision includes only the documents associated with the proposals selected during the call for projects in 1969.

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