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Telematic Vision: Documentary Collection

Technical documentation

Equipment list for Telematic Vision, installed at the Museum of Communication (Berne, Switzerland) since 2003:

Video apparatus:

1 x Panasonic WJ-MX 50A (video mixer with chroma key)
4 x Sony Trinitron PVM 2130QM (CRT monitors)
2 x Sony KL-50W1 (rear projection monitors) *
2 x Sony EVI-D31 (cameras for video conference system) **
1 x JVC TM-10E (control CRT monitor in service room)
3 x signal amplifier and distributors (custom-made)
div. BNC cables

* Since January 12, 2010 replaced by: 2 x Sony Trinitron PVM 2730QM (CRT monitors)
** Since January 15, 2008 replaced by: 2 x JVC TK-C1530 (CCTV cameras)

Furniture, plinths, lighting:

2 x sofas (blue screen colour): different versions
4 x cushions (1 side "blue screen," 1 side grey)
4 x plinths for CRT monitors
2 x suspensions for cameras from ceiling
1 x wooden floor plate for site 1 (blue screen)
1 x linoleum-covered floor for site 2 (olive green)
10 x spots (providing a total of 300 lux min.)

For a list of the technical details of the original 1993 installation, please go to:

Rolf Wolfensberger © 2009 FDL