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Telematic Vision: Documentary Collection

Capturing audience experience

Rolf Wolfensberger at the 2008 DOCAM Annual Summit (video)
Rolf Wolfensberger at the 2008 DOCAM Annual Summit (video)
The goal of the practice-based research was to test a number of qualitative methods to document experiential phenomena constituting the essence of Telematic Vision. The chosen methods were line-out recording in combination with video observation, video-cued recall interviews, and a specific questionnaire. The different approaches were designed to be complementary, allowing the issue to be approached from different points of view and still providing a coherent overall analysis. The observed conduct of the participants and the reconstruction of the remembered and retold sensory and aesthetic experience render a rich panorama of historically contextualised eyewitness accounts representing Telematic Vision in its manifestation at the Museum of Communication in 2008.

Sixty test persons were involved in the entire field study. They form a representative cross-section of the general public of the Museum of Communication. Of these participants, 42 were captured in 15 "scenes" on the sofas by the observational video footage and line-out recording, and 14 individuals were specifically invited to take part in the video-cued recall interviews. Eighteen visitors handed in a fully completed questionnaire.

For more information:
- Lizzie Muller, Towards an oral history of new media art (FDL Web Site)

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