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Very Nervous System: Documentary Collection


Over its thirty year lifespan, Very Nervous System has gone through many iterations and evolutions. From an archival perspective it is important to understand the way it has reflected and responded to technological changes and different exhibition environments. This timeline charts the development of the artwork and was sketched out during an informal interview with David Rokeby in Linz in 2009.
Venice Biennale (1986) (video)

VNS Timeline

David Rokeby, Caitlin Jones & Lizzie Muller © 2010 FDL

(1) David Rokeby, Reflexion (1983):

(2) The McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology:

(3) Siggraph 88:

(4) Paul Garrin:

(5) David Rokeby, (Perception is) The Master of Space (1990):

(6) MAX:

(7) David Rokeby, Measure, (1992):

(8) David Rokeby Interview in Wired (1995) :

(9) softVNS:

(10) Sarah Milroy, "Where tech gives way to the exquisite", The Globe and Mail (2004):

(11) "David Rokeby: Silicon Remembers Carbon" exhibition (2007-08):

(12) "Mirror States" exhibition (2008) :


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Original hand drawn timelineTimeline
Original hand drawn timeline