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Caroline Langill, Shifting Polarities

Interview with Norman White

Interview with Norman White
Norman White, First Tighten Up on the Drums,1968 Norman White, Ménage, 1974 Norman White, Facing Out Laying Low, 1977
Since the mid-1960s Norman White has been producing electronic media artworks that include logic-based “machines,” robotics, and interaction. In 1967 he immigrated to Canada from the United States, drawn by the greater accessibility of materials. From 1978 to 2003 White taught at the Ontario College of Art and Design (Toronto, Ontario) where he built a program dedicated to teaching electronics, mechanics, and computer programming to artists where many of the most prominent new media artists in Canada have studied. In 1990 he was awarded the Interactive Art Prize at Ars Electronica, in 1995 the Petro-Canada Award for the Media Arts, and in 2008 the D.velop Digital Art Award sponsored by the Digital Arts Museum of Berlin (Germany)

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