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Caroline Langill, Shifting Polarities

Interview with Max Dean

Interview with Max Dean
Max Dean, ____., 1978
Max Dean was born in Leeds, England (U.K.), in 1949 and immigrated to Canada in 1952. Although his initial degree was in art history at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, which led him into painting, he quickly moved into interactive art. His unique performance-based approach continues to influence his production of meaningful machines.

As a resident artist at the National Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa (Ontario) in 1985, Dean conceived his most recent work The Robotic Chair, an autonomous robot, which was completed in 2006 through Dean’s collaboration with engineer Raffaello D’Andrea, and artist-designer Matt Donovan. Twice included in the Venice Biennale (Italy), Dean received the Gershon Iskowitz Award in 2005 for excellence in the Visual Arts. Dean’s work is included in collections across the country including the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa (Ontario)

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